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August 01, 2022

Not your typical Nachos, Char's Asian Fusion Loaded Nachos!

These delectable nachos are the brain child of Abdul Qasdem, as he launches us into the world of Asian Fusion inspired food, that talks to the soul.

What sets the Loaded Wonton Nachos apart is the base of fresh crispy fried wontons, cut into chips. Golden fried not loaded with salt, just wontons meeting hot oil to add the wow factor!

Another unique aspect of these nachos, you get to create your own! Extra protein, extra veggies, extra cheese, it’s however you want to experience the Asian fusion in you! With all of the options, you can enjoy these nachos without having them the same way twice!!

They’re vegan and vegetarian friendly with options of black beans and fresh veggies. 

The Loaded Wonton Nachos is a feast not only for the stomach but food for the eyes as well.

Go to Char and find out why the Loaded Wonton Nachos has been a fan favorite, since they first debuted as a “secret” menu item two years ago!

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